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What will it allow you to do?

- Kick-start your career in digital learning
- Make clear decisions when choosing authoring tools for your digital learning
- Follow a rapid-design process using common digital learning tools and technology

What will you learn?

You will learn:
- How to follow a clear and rapid learning design process
- The basics of Interactions, Emedding, Variables & Tracking/Reporting
- The difference between Authoring Tools, Learning Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms and Content Management Systems
- How to navigate the jargon-rich world of digital & online learning

Course Overview

Session1: How to follow a clear and rapid learning design process for digital learning

Session 2: Digital Learning Technology overview & demonstration

How is it delivered?

This course is delivered through a mix of Self-led learning & Virtual Sessions (Until 2021)

Digital Learning Kick-Starter

Who's it for?

Anyone who:
- Is new to the learning industry
- Wants to develop their digital learning design capabilities
- Wants to expand their skills with digital learning technologies

Course Price Per Person (Exc VAT)


Course Duration

4hrs/(2 x 2hr virtual sessions)

Delivery Method

Virtual Only

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