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Since we launched in 2015 a lot has changed in the world of performance, learning and growth. Not to mention the way people work. So we want to make it easier for people to access our services, and be clear on what we do.

Our new way of working means you can get straight to what you need when you need it. 

What's changed?

Apples Learning Soluions LTD is still here, we've simply evolved into a more dynamic framework. Take a look...

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Apples Performance and Learning (APL Consulting)

Apples Performance and Learning we'll help you find, understand, and overcome the things stopping you do what you do best, with the tools, skills, and mindset to do things your way.

ALS Coaching 

ALS Coaching is all about you! Whether you're on a personal journey to achieve growth, fulfilment, or mindset transformation, or you have some professional goals you want to smash through, ALS Coaching is all about making life easier.

And there's more...

So many of our clients asked us about supplying equipment and resources to support much of our transformative work. We felt that the limitations placed on us by third-party suppliers was restricting our ability to deliver for our clients, so we've decided to invest in some new kit, a new office, and some new supplier relationships to make sure we could support anyone who needs supplies to support their Performance, or Transformation journey. Check back soon for an update!

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